Creating A Systemic Response to Women’s Use of Violence In Intimate Partner Relationships

Date:  August 14-16, 2013

 Place: Greater Twin Cities United Way  – Minneapolis, MN

Since the implementation of mandatory arrest policies there has been in increase in the arrest of women in cases of domestic violence.  Are the women who are being arrested batterers, resisting battering, or neither?  This 3-day training will explore the answers to that question. To be effective, interventions for women who use violence must address the contextual factors of women’s lives. This training will increase your understanding of women’s use of violence in intimate relationships and the most effective interventions in these cases.  This training will address the prosecution, advocacy, and court-mandated group process response for women who use violence in intimate relationships.


Mary Asmus, Chief Prosecutor, City of Duluth

Melissa Scaia, Advocacy & Group Process

Laura Connelly, Advocacy & Group Process

Cost:  $350.00 per person or  $450.00 for training and one copy of Turning Points:  A Nonviolence Curriculum for Women

 Call or e-mail for registration materials at: 218-656-0272 or

Systemic Response to Women’s Use of Violence in Intimate Partner Relationships – Customized Trainings

Turning Points offers customized trainings in your community on women who use violence in their intimate relationships and on using the Turning Points Curriculum. Local trainings can be a great way to generate energy and change in your local area, as well expose more community members to the training. We also offer trainings through video conferencing.

Two Day Trainings: Facilitating Groups with Women who Use Violence

Training Description: Women are increasingly being ordered to groups on domestic violence.  A small percent fit the profile of domestic violence offenders in men’s batterers groups; meaning a person who is using a pattern of coercion, intimidation and violence to control an intimate partner. While this occurs in lesbian relationships it is fairly rare in heterosexual relationships. Socialization, strength differential, and social consequences all contribute to the rather low numbers of heterosexual women who batter. Still a significant number of women do use violence in their relationships, especially women who are being battered, and in return are being court ordered to a group for women who use violence.

The Turning Points curriculum is designed for the overwhelming number of women court ordered to these groups; women who live with someone who batters them and use legal and illegal violence to fight back, to control their batterers use of violence, to retaliate, and to defend themselves.  This training will enhance facilitator’s ability to determine what type of domestic violence women who are being court ordered to groups are using – coercive controlling (battering), resistive violence, or non-battering violence.

The Turning Points curriculum focuses on helping women understand the connections between the violence they experience and the violence they use. Its overall goal is to help them end both.

Target Audience:  Programs and practitioners who are providing education, support, advocacy and or therapy for women who are using legal and illegal violence in their intimate relationships.  Examples of target audience members, include but are not limited to: facilitators of groups for women who have been arrested, facilitators of battered women’s support groups, staff of jails and prisons who facilitate groups with women who are incarcerated, probation officers, advocates, therapists, and CCR coordinators.

Training Materials Include: articles, resources, sample forms, and a sample of curriculum exercises. Turning Points: A Nonviolence Curriculum for Women may be purchased separately.

How to Host a Training: Please call us at 218-656-0272 or email for more information about costs and arrangements.