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The Blueprint for Safety Memo: Interventions with Victims of Battering As Suspects or Defendants

This memo is part of an inter-agency Blueprint for interventions in domestic assault related criminal cases. It specifies how practitioners should adjust their interventions when the suspect\defendant is an ongoing victim of coercive controlling domestic abuse.

Excerpt from Making Social Change: Reflections on Individual and Institutional Advocacy with Women Arrested for Domestic Violence

By McMahon and Ellen Pence, Violence Against Women, Vol. 9, No. 1, January 2003

Towards an Understanding of Women’s Use of Non-Lethal Violence in Intimate Heterosexual Relationships

Shamita Das Dasgupta, Ph.D., DVS February 2001

This article reviews current research on domestic violence by women and attempts to answer two questions: (a) Are women who assault their heterosexual partners different from male batterers? If so, (b) how are they different from male batterers? Pertinent studies have been categorized as research promoting gender symmetry of intimate abuse, research claiming women’s violence toward abusive male partners as self-defense and/or retaliatory action, and research focusing on multiple corollaries of women’s violence. The ecological nested model is recommended for research, so the full context is taken into account to understand women’s use of violence.

Intimate Partner Violence Victims Charged with Crimes – Justice and Accountability for Victims of Battering who use Violence Against their Batterers

By Jeffrey P. Greipp,  Toolsi Gowin Meisner and Douglas J, Miles

(Clicking this link will take you to the webpage where this PDF can be downloaded and viewed.) This publication focuses on cases involving victims of battering charged with crimes committed against their abusers. These cases are particularly challenging to prosecutors because they usually involve prosecuting someone who is actually the victim of the complaining witness’ ongoing abuse. While there may be enough evidence to go forward to secure a conviction doing so may not achieve any of the prosecutors goals; deterrence, public safety and justice.

Re-examining Battering: Are All Acts of Violence Against Intimate Partners the Same?

By Ellen Pence & Shamita Das Dasgupta June 20, 2006

This article examines the origin and history of the concept of “domestic violence” and distinguishes between domestic violence and battering. It recognizes that batterer intervention cannot occur without an analysis of the distinctly different forms of intimate partner violence.

At A Crossroads Developing Duluth’s Prosecution Response to Battered Women Who Fight Back
By Mary Asmus, Chief Prosecutor, City Attorney’s Office, Duluth MN

This monograph tells the story of how city prosecutors, battered women’s advocates, and other practitioners in Duluth’s criminal justice system came together to address the unique issues presented by domestic violence defendants who are also battered women. This monograph also offers a firsthand look at how institutional change can happen in the criminal justice system.