Fequently Asked Questions

Q: Why can’t I get DVD #6 to play?

A: DVD #6 contains mp3 files to download to your computer so you can listen to an audio recording of the interview by Ute Rosemann of Ellen Pence if you prefer that to watching the actual interview.

Q: How many group sessions are in the curriculum?

A:  The material provided in the Turning Points Curriculum will allow for as many as 40 groups – though we would not expect that many women would be in a group that long. Only the first part of the group material is sequential, covering nine topics. After that the facilitator draws from the material in the curriculum that best matches the needs of the particular group. It is also expected that the facilitator will use the ideas and format of the curriculum but craft some of their own individual group designs to meet the cultural, social, and geographic realities of the women in their groups.

Q: Is this curriculum research based?

A: This curriculum is based on the work of two long standing groups in northern minnesoata over a two decade period. Both groups had a very low rearrest rate. In most years it was 5% or lower, the highest year was 8%. The approach used in this curriculum is drawn from those groups but provides more structure and more materials to guide facilitators. 

Q: Does this curriculum work with women who are battering their partners?

A: No, if by battering you mean women (mostly lesbians, who are using control, intimidation, coercion, and violence as a way of establishing power in the relationship). This curriculum is for women who are being battered now or were battered and are now using violence toward their abuser or a new partner. This curriculum provides the framework to determine with the women in your group which type of violence they are using and experiencing and how to end both.

Q:Do you have to attend a training to receive the curriculum?

A: No but it would be important to go over all the materials and dvd directed to facilitators before doing your first group.